You can mark a client as “checked in” on the date of their appointment. To do so:

  1. Go to Appointments.
  2. Choose the required appointment from the calendar for today.
  3. Click on that appointment.
  4. Click Patient Check In.
  5. The patient gets checked in (and will not be charged any fee if set).

When you click the “check in” button the client’s chart will be updated that they showed up to their appointment. -- In case you have no show fees, these will be marked as waved.

A pop up will come up as well asking for a Room# or description.Fill this in to keep track of where in your clinic the patient will be treated. This can also be a chair number or whatever location type you choose.

 If the customer asks for anything at check in - you can note it on their chart and tie it too this appointment - by typing in the field “ADD Customer Note

Finally if you click the “Send this note to provider” option -- both the room information and any customer notes will be sent to the provider via SMS text message. 

Make sure you have your provider’s number on file to use this when creating users. The provider will now get a notification their client is here and waiting for them in the designated room.

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