There are two ways to create appointments – through the “Smart  Booking” option or by using the calendar directly/

To Book an appointment in the Calendar directly:

  1. Go to Appointments from the menu ribbon
  2. .Click the Calendar tab to see your calendar.
  3. Click “Create Appointment” on the top right.
  4. Enter patient name, or select the patient in the drop-down
  5. Select appropriate Service.
  6. Select appropriate Provider.
  7. Select convenient Day and Time.
  8. Click Save Appointment.

You can notify the patient by selecting the appropriate option in the Send Notification window.

(You will once again here see our confirmation pop-up which will allow you to send a confirmation to your client via Email, SMS, both or neither. You can also edit the default message in the box provided or add in any notes for this particular client.)

With the quick and seamless process, we just completed, Aesthetic Record did some pretty sophisticated scheduling by cross referencing that all aspects including the clinic, the provider, and any equipment or resources needed were actually available. 

If you have any pre treatment instructions tied to this service OR questionnaires, these have been sent over to the client as well!

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