To view and manage your clinic Calendar:

  1. Make sure you have navigated to your “Appointments” menu 
  2. Click the tab that says “Calendar” on the navigation ribbon.
  • Inside each appointment block is the patient’s name that is booked.
  • If you have multiple clinics , Aesthetic Record will show you whichever is  your default clinic but you can sort through all of your clinics in different locations by selecting it from the “Filter by Clinic” dropdown.
  • Once inside a clinic Aesthetic Record will show you all the appointments for the week or day you. If there is more than one provider, each will have his/her own color.
  • You can also filter by provider and only show one provider or a couple at a time. This makes it easy to see any individual’s weekly or daily schedule.
  • Lastly you can also filter by service - this is useful if you want to see which appointments are for one particular service or a group of services -- if you see many appointments filling up your schedule for a particular service - it may be a good idea to expand that offering 

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