There are two ways to create appointments – through the “Smart  Booking” option or by using the calendar directly.

Note -- (Before creating appointments you should have configured Service and Provider Schedule.)

Create an appointment through SMART BOOKING (Online Booking)

  1. Login via web
  2. Go to Appointments on the top
  3. Click the Calendar tab to see your calendar.
  4. Click Smart Booking.
    (This button will take you to the online booking page. This is the same page that clients will see when they are booking an appointment with your clinic – note your clinic logo will be at the top left if you have set it up in your account information tab)
  5. Select clinic location
  6. Click on Continue
  7. Choose a service 
  8. Click on continue
  9. Select a provider or click “Book with any available”
    (Provider profiles will come up from any users who you have assigned to “work as a provider” in their user profiles and made “available for online booking”)
  10. Select a date for the appointment
    (Dates that are unavailable will be greyed out and unable to be clicked on)
  11. Select a time that is available
    (These will automatically populate times that you calendar is available.)
  12. Enter client’s contact information.
  13. Type any appointment notes in the space provided 
  14. Check the box to accept the clinic cancellation policy
    (the cancellation policy can be changed to your liking under Appointment Settings)
  15. Click “Accept" OR "Decline"
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