To View/Edit/Cancel Created Appointments:

  1. Go to Appointments from the menu ribbon.
  2. Click the Calendar tab 
  3. Choose the required appointment from calendar and click on that appointment.
  4. To cancel the appointment, click “Cancel” OR click “Edit” to edit.
  5. Confirm the Cancellation or Edits when done.

Whenever your office edits or cancels an appointment they will see a pop up which allows them to notify the client of the change or cancellation, they can do so via Email, Text Message, or Both - just as when they booked the original appointment. You can also choose to not send any notification.

The default E-mail message notification and SMS notification wording can be changed in the Appointments Menu under settings -- you can also choose to do a one-time edit here for this client by writing in any changes on the space provided.

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