To add stock to a product in inventory: 

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to the web
  3. Click Inventory tab.
  4. Click on a product or hit "Add Product". 
  5. Toggle the button on for Lot number and Expiration.
  6. Select the clinic where the inventory was received/ add expiration dates and the number of new product received under “stock” select Batch ID, Price/Unit, Stock, Stock Alert
  7. Click Save.

When you log a procedure from the iPad you can go to the "treatment summary" tab to add in lot #. Once you add that in X amount of units/syringes will be deducted from inventory.
You can also add the "traceability" from the web, inside of a clients profile, you can select "Traceability" near the treatment summary.   

Stock Alerts – Choose a stock alert number. Any time your stock for this product runs below the stock alert number, you will receive a notification, in your notifications tab.

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