How to add a Product to Inventory:

  1. Click Inventory at the top navigation menu.
  2. Under Products tab, Click Add Product.
  3. Fill in all the required fields.

New Product Creation Fields:

  • Product type - Aesthetic Record has several preconfigured product types, if you don't see the product type you need simply select the Others category. 
  • Product Category - This is a  drop-down menu populated with category names that you have created.
  • Description-  Add your description of the item.
  • Unit Type The Unit type tells Aesthetic record how the product is sold.  An retail item like face cream would typically have the selection Units. For items such as injectables the drop-down menu has options like Speywood/Vial/ or Syringe. 
  • Injectable Type - This field describes the product if it is an injectable
  • Product as active or inactive- This is helpful if you ever run out of stock or want to stop selling an item temporarily but don’t want to delete the item altogether
  • Product image – can be uploaded from your computer
  • Tracking Product Stock– This is where you will add any new inventory of the product you receive (look at the Adding Stock to a product tutorial for more info.
  • Supplier Information –This field stores your rep or supplier information.
  • Toggle Tax Rule on/off button - You can set a custom tax rule specific to this product. If you need to add a tax that is different than your regular clinic’s tax you'll enter it here.

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