Certain services require a specific resource such as a special room to be available for when a service will be performed. Resource schedules verify that these resources are free for clients to use at any one time. 

Aside from rooms certain clinics also put in individual treatment chair numbers to maximize the number of patients they can treat at one time.

 To create a resource schedule:

  1. Go to Appointments from the navigation ribbon
  2. .Navigate to Resource Schedule.
  3. Click on ADD RESOURCE.
  4. Define name and Schedule and other required fields for the new Resource.
  • Start by putting in the Clinic the resource belongs to, and then Name the Resource. 
  • In the field below you will be able to categorize the resource by giving it a type
  • You can add as many resource types as you like by clicking the “add new” button. Now define the clinic the resource belongs to and hours of operation.

5.Click SAVE.

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