Creating a provider Schedule

Before we can have our clinics book any appointments, we need to set up all of our providers’ schedules.

  1. Login via web 
  2. Go to the Appointments tab
  3. Click Provider Schedule tab.
  4. Click on the User you want to set a schedule for.
  5. Click the “Advanced Scheduling” button on the top right
  6. Toggle ‘ON’ day/week/month:
  • “Day Schedule” – to set a single day’s schedule
  • “Week Schedule” button – to set a schedule that repeats every week
  • “Monthly Schedule”- to set a schedule that repeats every day of each month
  • First - select your location using the drop "select"
  • Second - double click where it says "open" and type in the time you start - 9am 
  • Third - double click where is says "close" and type in your closing time - 6pm 
  • Next - Use the calendar on the bottom right to set a repeating schedule. For example maybe you want to push your schedule out until the end of the year - Click on Dec 2018. 

Setting a repeating schedule: 

The easiest way to set a repeating schedule is to use the “weekly schedule” toggle. Make sure you have a full week to look at (that includes Monday - Sunday) and first select the clinic that your provider will be working on each day.

In order to expand this same weekly schedule for weeks going forward, we simply put in the date we want the schedule repeated until in the field that says “Repeat this till” 

We click the “save” button on the bottom right and the schedule is successfully stored.

 Setting a scheduled break within a schedule 

If a provider takes a break every day at the same time you can account for that: 

When creating the schedule simply -click this little “plus” sign to the right of each day’s schedule setting, for each day the user works, and instead of having a single block he/she is open create two.

For example for a provider that takes a break from 2-3: Make one slot that is open from 9am to 2pm and another from 3pm to 5pm. 

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