Creating Equipment and Setting an Equipment Schedule

Certain services require specific equipment to be available - Laser services  require Lasers, Coolsculpting services requires a Coolsculpting machine and so on. Equipment schedules verify that these devices are free for clients to use at any one time.

 To create equipment schedule:

  1. Go to Appointments from the navigation ribbon
  2. Navigate to Equipment Schedule tab.
  3. Click“Add Equipment” 
  4. Enter Equipment name
  5. Select clinic 
  6. select clean-up time
  7. Put in the hours and days the equipment available for use and make sure to designate a location where the equipment is physically located.
  8. 5.Click “Save

We recommend adding a device name and in parentheses putting in the clinic location and a number if you have multiple of the same device.

Usually the hours for most equipment are the same as the clinic hours. 

Note that here too you can do custom scheduling such as adding a break if the clinic closes for an hour during lunch and the equipment is unavailable.

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