To set up a new user(s):

  1. Log in from a web browser at 
  2. Click SETTINGS widget in the right hand corner 
  3. Teammates 
  4. Click on USER 
  5. Create User  (note, when adding a user you are charged the $12 per user or $120 if on an annual plan)
  6. In the Create User form, fill in the details and hit SAVE.
    Note - if this user works as a provider make sure that work as provider is turned on by using the toggle 
  7. Make sure each area with a red * is complete 


An explanation of the fields available to fill in is below:

  • Select a User “Role”-  The first dropdown will ask you to “Select a Role” for this user. A user role defines what privileges a user has. By default, there are 4 types of user roles that can be assigned which include Admin/Medical Director/ Provider and FrontDesk. The administrator will have access to everything in Aesthetic Record while the Front Desk will have the least access and will not be able to change certain things such as patient charts. See “User Roles” to get more details. Pick whatever seems appropriate as this can always be changed.
  • Selecting Clinic(s)- Select a clinic or clinics that this user will have access to. As an example, if your front desk person manages both a Florida location and a New York City location will click on each to add them both.
  • Select Default Clinic - By choosing a default clinic we tell Aesthetic Record which location to show us first when we log in -- this is usually the clinic the user spends the most time with.
  • Setting a user’s contact Info - Add your users First Name, Last Name, and the email which they will use to log into Aesthetic Record. This will also be the email they get notifications from AR with. Fill in the contact numbers for your user as this will be the numbers they receive SMS text alerts and notifications from Aesthetic Record while they are on the go. You can put as many as 4 contact numbers.
  • Setting a user password: As an administrator you can set a password for your user. 
  • Setting a passcode: A passcode can be generated, this will be used for a future update, ignore for now. 
  • Uploading a User Picture: You can upload a picture of the user here (though it is optional) by clicking the “upload button” and finding the picture on our computer.
  • Work as a provider Toggle - Click this “on” if you want this user to be able to create and edit patient records like new procedures, photographs, and medical information.If you do choose your user to work as a provider you’ll see 2 more fields pop-up. 
  • MD consent required” will check if this provider needs to have a consent sign off from a Medical Director prior to fulfilling any procedure. Without this signature, the user will be prohibited from entering them into the system until a Medical Director checks the proposal along with the patient’s medical chart.
  • Available for Smart Booking” – Smart booking allows patients to schedule their own appointments with your clinic by checking that the provider’s calendar is open. Click “Yes” if you want your clients to have this ability.
  • Bio For Appointment Booking” -  Write in what you want clients to see about this provider when they are booking them online which can include their Display Name (if perhaps it is different than their given name or they use a nickname), their title such as “Master Aesthetician” and a brief BIO to let clients get to know them before booking their appointment.
  • Setting a user’s “Provider Goals” – This is a great way to encourage your providers to really perform. Write in the number of procedures you want them to perform a month or a week and/or a dollar amount in sales you would like them to reach. Aesthetic Record will keep track at all times how close they are to meeting their goals.
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