Gather your stats and satisfaction from patients, after their procedure. 

  1. Login via web
  2. Survey tab 
  3. Click surveys 
  4. Click create survey 
  5. type in the name of the survey
  6. type in a question 
  7. click add question for each additional question you want to add - customize the question type by using the drop down menu on the left side 
  8. After the survey is complete, hit save

  1. Next, go to your appointments tab then click services.
  2. choose a service that you want to tie a survey to
  3. scroll to the bottom and select a survey and time frame that you want to send the survey out, post appointment, then hit save. 

Note: These surveys are sent to patients automatically via email and SMS after their appointment.

To view Survey stats:  

  1. login via web and click on surveys
  2. choose the time frame and hit view all surveys 
  3. click on a survey to view customer results.

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