The link to your clinic's online booking portal and customer portal are in the user settings.

The online booking portal allows you or your client to book an appointment through Aesthetic Record.

Once a client has booked their appointment, you can give them access to the Patient Portal. This is where they can cancel or reschedule their appointment, do their questionnaire, sign their consent and read any pre-treatment instruction associated with the treatment they just booked.

You can embed these links to your website or send it directly through email and SMS messages to guide your client to the right portals.

To access those links, you will need to sign in your administrator account on Aesthetic Record website and click on the wheel icon in the top-right corner.

Then, navigate to the Settings menu on the left, click on Appointments and select Configure URL's

Under Customer Portal, you can find a link to the patient portal where your client manages their appointment. If you want to edit the link, click on the Edit button and change the URL as you see fit. 

Under Manage Appointments you will find a toggle. Toggle it on to enable your clients to book, cancel and reschedule their appointments through the Customer Portal. Toggle it off if you don't.

Under Appointment Booking, you will find the links to your clinic's online booking portal. If you have more than one clinic, you will get a link for each clinic, along with the booking link for all clinics. 

Copy these links and use them to guide your clients to the appropriate portal.

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