Notifications: AR sends email notification to client when :

  • they are charged as per their treatment Type. This email also has a link to book appointment.
  • expiring soon email on products in wallet (for monthly type, if the checkbox is ticked when starting plan).
  • You must be connected to Stripe for processing to use this feature 

Beginning With Treatment Plan

  • Login to iPad
  • Search and Open Client Profile.
  • Click On “M” to begin with Treatment Plan.
  • Click on “Create Treatment Plan” in the upcoming screen

Choosing Treatment Type

  • In the next screen choose the suitable treatment plan type.
  • We provide three options to choose from:

A) Monthly Membership: A Treatment Plan , that gets added upon signing up for Monthly Membership. Click here to learn in detail.

B) Use Template: You can use predefined templates to add any treatment plan. If not familiar, click here to find out more.

C) Create Treatment Plan: If the already created templates  doesn't solve the skin care or body goal and you wish to crate a fresh template specific for that clients needs. 

  1. Monthly Basis - the client is charged on a monthly basis
  2.  Pay As You Go -  the client pays for the amount that is due for current period (based on duration chosen - days, months, weeks, yearly)

1. Exploring Pay-As-You-Go Option

  • Add in the treatment/products, define the duration, fill up the start date and set the end date.
  • Once, you click on Preview, you will see the screen below.
  • Here, if you wish you can provide discount.
  • You can edit/update plan here if required.
  • You can click on Start Program to begin with treatment plan and collect charges..
  • Refer Screenshot for detailed info
  • When you click On Start Program, you will see the below
  • Capture the card details here.
  • You can charge then only, or when the plan starts.
  • You can charge/update tax .
  • You can also update/provide discount.
  • Refer Screenshot for detailed info

2. Exploring Monthly Option

  • If you choose Monthly Option, you will see below screen.
  • Fill in the details to setup the monthly plan.Add in the treatment/products, define the duration, fill up the start date and set the end date.
  • You will have to define plan for the whole duration
  • Refer Screenshot for detailed info
  • Clicking on preview will show you the below screen.
  • You can update/edit the plan if required.
  • You can provide custom discounts.
  • Preview screen will show you what you have to pay on monthly basis and what is the total cost of plan.
  • Click ON start Program to capture card details and begin the plan.

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