Login to the app 

  1. Click on your patient 
  2. Click the plus + sign in the right hand corner to start a new procedure and choose Coolsculpting

4. Fill out all the information in the red box, you can add a questionnaire if needed
5. Add a consents, sign/accept, click save once it is signed
6. Click START 

7. Click USE TEMPLATE or take a photo of your client and click YES

8. take 8 pics
9. next, click the floppy disc in the right hand corner to SAVE
10. After saving click the box in the right hand corner to add more photos
12. CLICK SAVE in the right hand corner 

13. Click treatment summary - purple tab, add in the additional information and hit save at the bottom of the page
14. click BACK on the left hand corner and click "ADD NOTE" if you need to add in any notes 

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