To add a new patient procedure via iPad/iPhone:

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Log in.
  3. Select the patient.
  4. Click + in the right hand corner 
  5. Choose the body part you are doing the treatment on
  6. Select "appointment time". Note: appointment time can only be selected if there was a pre booked appointment in AR
  7. Name the procedure by typing freely into the procedure name space
  8. Click "add medical questionnaire" and select the appropriate form. 
  9. Fill it out and then hit the back arrow on the left side. 
  10. Click "add patient consent", select the consent, and have the client hit Sign and Accept, they will sign and hit save. Once saved, you should see a blue ribbon in the left hand corner 
  11. Hit the back arrow 1 time on the left side, this takes you back to the procedure information screen 
  12. Hit the START button at the bottom of the screen 
  13. Take 3 photos of your client, or hit "use template" 
  14. *****HIT SAVE**** in the right hand corner, it looks like a floppy disc  
  15. Select "add product" on the left corner 
  16. Choose a product. Note: the only products you will see are products that have been previously added into your inventory. If you need to add a new product you can do so from the iPad or computer.
  17. Log the product by double tapping on the screen. You can also use the i at the top of the page to guide you through logging injections, fillers, laser etc. 
  18. Hit the save floppy disc in the right hand corner.
  19. Go to the treatment summary tab on the right hand corner. 
  20. + Traceability and hit save 

Filling Questionnaires

  • Click “add medical questionnaire", and choose the one you need.You can choose to hand off the Ipad to the client so she could check his own Answers.

Filling Consent Forms

  • Click add consent, pull up the one you need, and pass it to the client to sign. The client signs right on the screen and her signature gets saved securely

Taking Pictures

  • The Aesthetic Record app let us take pictures right on our device and provides placement guides so all the pictures are consistent.

Marking Injection Sites

  • Load up our product, mark the units you want to place per injection site, zoom in as needed to your pictures, and double click the screen where product was placed.
  • To edit an injection site, click and hold it to select it. Now you can move it around, or delete it, or change the units used. 
  • To draw larger procedure areas just click the screen, hold your finger, and move it around to draw.

Editing Procedure Information

  • If we need to change any of the patient's procedure information  just click “procedure information “ on the top ribbon, edit as needed, and click save. 

Logging Batch Information

  • Click “Treatment Summary”. Here you'll find the product you used, which was tracked down to the unit when you were clicking injection sites on the clients pictures. Click, “Add traceability details”, and Aesthetic Record will pulls your inventory information and allow you to pick from batches of products it knows you have stock for. Now just write how many units were from each batch.
    Because we use Aesthetic Record’s “Inventory Management” feature, our inventory used during this procedure is automatically deducted.
    And if you set a price per unit – Aesthetic Record also totals the sales dollar amount of Jen’s procedure for when she is ready to pay.

Exporting procedures

  •  You can export and can email procedures by clicking the “export” button and selecting a pdf report or just her pictures.

Injection Site Tutorial

  • If you ever need a reminder on how to mark procedures with product remember there is a handy guide available by clicking – the information "i" icon at the top.

Editing Multiple Injection Sites

  •  To edit multiple points at once, draw a box around them and then make your changes. Save the procedure when done

Comparing Before and After Pictures

  • Click the compare button (sheets that are facing each-other) at the top of the screen, select a body part to show pictures for, and see side by side before and after pictures.
    Because you used the app’s photo guidelines you can zoom in and out of  both pictures at once, keeping scale to really note even the most tiny differences.
    You can scroll through all our pictures we have, including the 45 and 90 degree angles you took.

Showing Injection Sites

  • To show your injection sites, toggle on the “show injections” button.

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