The AR Dashboard

The dashboard is your command center. It gives you a quick and easy view of your business in real time. 

The KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators can be tailored to what's relevant to your business’s health. They will be populated automatically as you use Aesthetic Record.

You will notice when starting that your dashboard is blank, let’s go through the default view so you can see what the software is ready to track right out of the box.

If you have multiple clinics, this dashboard is able to show you metrics for your business as a whole or by individual clinic. 

 Our dashboard will display a report of your business for the current month. You can also view any time period you choose by selecting a date from the drop-down menu.

Your Dashboard will show you:

  • Gross Sales: On the top left of your dashboard are your clinic's gross sales. These are the earnings accumulated over each month from products or services.
  • Top 10 Items By Sale: On your right, you will see your Top 10 Items By Sales section which will list your best selling products along with the number of units sold and actual cash value. 
  • Graph for Returning Customers: Shows you how many customers in this time period were first timers and how many were returning -- It’s a great way to gauge your customer loyalty! 
  • Procedures that are pending for Consent: This section totals the number of consents that still need to be signed by a medical director-- If your clinic(s) require a medical director’s approval for certain procedures, this is the best way to make sure your clients aren’t waiting for their records to be reviewed.

A simple scan of your DashBoard gives you the fiscal health of your clinic(s)

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