With Aesthetic Record, you can manually edit the schedule of  your provider. To be able to edit a schedule, you have to set up your provider schedule first. Learn how to set up a provider schedule here.

Then, follow these steps:

1. Log into your account, then navigate to the menu at the top. Click on Appointments.

2. Then, click on Provider Schedule. You will see a list of your current providers here. 

3. Click on the provider that you want to edit.

4.  Here, you will see the current schedule of the particular provider. Navigate to the day and shift that you want to change and click on the schedule.

5. Change the date, clinic and the opening/closed time for the schedule. 

6. Click Save if you want to save the changes you just made, or Delete if you want to delete the schedule for that day. 

About Mass Edit.
If you are manually editing more than one day, it is recommended that you use the Delete Schedule function to delete all the schedules that need to be changed at once, and then, create them from scratch.

To do this, navigate to the top right corner. Click on Delete Schedule. You will see all the schedules of the provider here. Tick on the box in front of the schedules that you want to delete, or tick Select All if you want to delete everything.

Then, click on Delete Schedule at the top right hand corner. Select Yes, I am sure to confirm your choice. All the schedules will be delete. 

Go back to the Provider Schedule and add the schedules again.

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