Note: You must be enrolled in the point of sale system in order to take payments. To start taking payments go to settings, POS, set up account.
First, charge your card reader, and make sure that you have added in the serial number to your AR account. To do this, go to settings, POS, POS settings, CARD READERS, enter in the requested into along with the serial number. 

Now, grab your iPad  :) 

1. Turn card reader on - this works best when the card reader is plugged into the charger 

 2. Go to the bluetooth settings on your iPad and connect the card reader. You can hold the bluetooth button down on the card reader until is rapidly flashes, this can help the connection. Choose the card reader once it pops up. 

3. Go to the aesthetic record app on the iPad. Hit the three bars in the top-left corner. Further choose Take payment option from the side menu.
4. Choose your client (test) and a location
5. Add a small ticket into the cart and hit charge on the bottom right
6. Choose CARD
7. Choose SWIPE CARD
9. Swipe card into the card reader and the payment should be accepted.

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