Survey is a convenient tool that helps you gather useful statistics and numbers from your patients. 

With a survey, you can gauge your client's overall happiness with your service, provider, and clinic, and see how likely they are to recommend and use your services again.

Aesthetic Record allows you to create sophisticated surveys to help you optimize your business operation. 

You can also review your survey stats in the survey insight section and gain a better understanding of your client satisfaction.

Create A Survey

First, log in your Aesthetic Record administrator account. At the top of your screen, click on Surveys.

The Surveys settings page will appear. Select Surveys.

On the right, you will see the Create Survey button, click on it. 

You will be taken to the survey creation page. 

Let's start by entering the title of your survey. Click on the textbox Title and enter a name.

Then, click on the textbox right under the title to add your first question. 

The panel on the left is where you can change the question's properties. 

1. If you want to change the question type, click on the Textbox drop-down menu and choose a question type among the five types here.

Textbox - The client gives their answer in a textbox. 

Yes/No -  The client will be given a choice between Yes and No.

Single choice - The client is asked to highlight one choice among many.

Multiple choice - The client is asked to highlight any choice that is applicable.

Opinion Scale - The client is asked to rate on a scale from 1 - not likely to 10 - very likely.

2. You can toggle the Required toggle to make your question mandatory.

3. You can add a note to your question by toggling Description on. This description can further explain and clarify your question.

4. If you want to clone your question, click on the button on the left. If you want to delete your question, click on the button on the right.

5. At the top-right corner, click on the Add Question button to add more questions to your survey. Continue adding questions until you are satisfied.

6. Review your survey using the preview section on the right of your screen.

Click on Full Screen View to preview your survey in full screen.

Once you're happy with your survey, click on Save at the top-right corner to save your survey.

After you have created your survey, you can tie it to a service. By doing so, each time that service is booked, the survey will be sent automatically to your client via email or SMS.  

View, Edit and Disable A Survey

Should you wish to review and edit your existing surveys, go back to the Surveys settings. 

You will see a list of surveys on this page. Click on the survey under Survey Name to view the content of your survey.

The survey page will pop up. 

Click on the Survey Title to change the survey name. 

Click on any question and change the question description along with its properties as you wish.

If you need to add more questions, click on Add Question.

If you want to disable but not completely delete the survey, click on Unpublish

If you want to delete the survey, click on Delete.

After you are finished with your edits, click on Save to save your changes.

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