A report allows you to review the activities of your clinics and get an overview of how your business is doing. It provides statistics and enables you to make informed decisions to improve and optimize your clinic.

Aesthetic Record has many built-in templates that you can choose to create reports and extract useful statistics. If you want to export your reports to an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file, Aesthetic Record also supports that. 

1. Viewing A Report

To view a report, follow these steps:

1. Log into your account and navigate to Reports at the top of your screen. Click on it. 

2. Here you will find all the reports on the left list. Click on the report that you want to view and it will appear in the middle of your screen. 

3. If you want to export the report, click on the Export button. Choose either Export as CSV or Export as Excel and save your file.

2. Creating A Report 

To create a report, while you are still in the Report menu, click on the Create Report button on the top right. 

In the new screen, you will be presented with the report templates available in 4 main categories on Aesthetic Record. 

Products - this category includes reports about your products, services and your customer behaviors in relation to those services. 

You can learn about things like the patients who received a certain treatment in a particular number of days or those who booked for a free consultation but never purchase anything.

Appointments - this category includes reports about appointment bookings and your patient's behaviors in relation to your booking system. 

For example, you can find out who your most loyal customers are based on the number of times they visit your clinic or who always cancel their appointments.

Clients - this category includes reports about client behaviors and their demographics.

You can find out how much your customer has spent in the last year, or the number of men over a certain age who visit your clinic.

Provider/Employee - this category includes reports about your provider.

You can learn about their sales and the number of hours they clock in at your clinic here.

Once you have chosen the report type that you want, click on it. On this new screen, fill in the name of your report and click on the OK button to verify it.

Then, at the bottom, click on the Type to search drop-down menus to fill in your report variables.

For example, if you want to find out who received the B12 treatment at your clinic in 2 days, click the first drop-down menu and choose "B12" then click the second drop-down menu and choose "2 Days". 

Click Create Report once you're happy with the report. You will now see that report on the left menu.  

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