The online booking portal allows you or your client to book an appointment through Aesthetic Record. You can copy and paste this link to your website or social media accounts. 

To access those links, you will need to sign in your account on the control center. 

Then, Appointments, the Gear Icon (next to Clinic View), Smart Configuration, Booking Portal, and then Domain Configuration. You can choose the URL tied to all clinics OR if you want to offer booking for a specific location then choose that URL. 

You can find a link to the patient portal where your client manages their appointment. If you want to edit the link, click on the Edit button and change the URL as you see fit. 

Next to Manage Appointments through Customer Portal, you will find a toggle. Toggle it on to enable your patients to book, cancel and reschedule their appointments through the Customer Portal. Toggle it off if you don't.

Next to Enable Customer Portal Registration, you will see a toggle. Toggle it on to enable patients to register for the portal.

Next, you will find the links to your clinic's online booking portal. If you have more than one clinic, you will get a link for each clinic, along with the booking link for all clinics. 

Copy these links and use them to guide your clients to the appropriate portal.


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