A pre-treatment instruction is an email that the patient receives before their appointment, providing them with instructions how to prepare prior to their treatment. 

When a patient books an appointment, the pre-treatment instruction associated with a service will be sent to the patient. You need to set up your pre-treatment instructions here to use them when you are adding your services.

With Aesthetic Record, you can add pre-treatment instructions by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account, then navigate to the top right hand corner and click on the wheel to access your Settings
  2. Click on clinical documentation 
  3. Treatment Instructions 
  4. You will notice at the top you can choose between adding in a pre or post, just make the selection and then you will be able to add this in. 
  5. To add in a pre treatment instruction, click "CREATE PRE TREATMENT" in the right hand corner. You can also follow the same instructions to add in a post treatment.
  6. If you are looking to send less emails out, we recommend combining your pre and post instructions inside of the pre treatment section. Then your patient will be prepared for the appointment, while knowing what to expect after the service is completed. 
  7. After adding these in, you will need to go to appointments, smart configuration and click on services.
  8. Choose a service, and then hit continue, in this section click on the white space to add in pre or post treatment instructions. 
  9. Hit continue and then hit save! 
  10. These instructions are sent via email at the time of booking, the instructions will also show inside of the patient portal. 
  11. For the post treatment, those are sent once a payment is taken for the service. If you don't take payments with AR, there is a manual way to send this treatment instruction out. 
  12. When creating a procedure on the app, you just need to choose your service and date of appt booked, that is how the instructions connect to the procedure! 

Make sure that you add them to your services!!!!

  1. Appointments
  2. Smart Configuration
  3. Services
  4. select the Service

5. choose 2. Clinic Resources
6. then tie the Pre and Post Treatment instructions



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