A questionnaire is a set of questions that you set up for your patient to answer or interact with. It allows you to gather relevant information about the patient before or after a treatment. 

To create a questionnaire with Aesthetic Record, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account.
2. Click on the wheel icon at the top right hand corner to access Settings.
3. Click on Manage Your Clinics, then Questionnaires.
4. Click on the "Create Questionnaire" button on the right hand side.

5. Enter the name of your questionnaire, then choose the question type.

Yes/No questions: The patient will be given a choice between Yes and No. When they choose Yes, a textbox will appear and they will be able to specify or explain their choice. When they choose No, nothing happens. Therefore, make sure to customize your questions accordingly. 

For instance, you can ask the patient to specify the medications that they are taking if they are taking any with a question such as "Are you taking any medication? If yes, please specify."

If you don't want a textbox associated with your Yes/No question, we recommend that you use the Multiple Selection - Text option instead and put the Yes/No as the only available answers there.

Multiple Selection - Text: This option will add a multiple choice question. Click + Add under Question Choices to add another answer. You also have the option to either allow the patient to have multiple selections or a single selection. 

Multiple Selection - Image: This option is similar to Multiple Selection - Text. The only difference is you will use an image for answer instead of a text. Click on Choose File to upload an image to be used as your answer. If you want to, you can also display labels for your image.

6. Click Add once you have finished filling out the question. Continue to add more question this way.

7. Click Save once you have added all the questions for your questionnaire.

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