With Aesthetic Record, there are two ways to book an appointment: you can either use the online booking system called online booking or manual booking from the calendar. 

In either case, you have to configure your Services and Provider Schedules with Aesthetic Record before you can book an appointment. If you haven't done so, you can learn how to set up your Services here and Provider Schedule here.

If you want to book using the appointment calendar instead, please refer to this guide.

To create an appointment through Smart Booking (Online Booking), follow these steps: 

1. Log in your account and navigate to Appointments on the top of your screen. Click on it. 

2. Click on the Calendar tab.

3. Here you will see a calendar listing all current appointments. Click on Online Booking. This button will take you to the online booking page that your client sees when they book an appointment with your clinic.  

4. First, choose the clinic location where the service is performed. Click Continue

5. Then, choose a service. Each service also comes with a More Information button where it displays the service description. You can edit this service description when you create your service with Aesthetic Record.

Click Continue once you have chosen a service. 

6. On this screen, you can either choose to book with the first available provider for the service with the Book With First Available button or choose a provider from the list. 

Please note that only users assigned to Work As A Provider with Is Available In Smart Booking For Customers toggled on are available on this screen. You can learn more about user profile settings here

7. Select a date for the appointment and the time at the bottom. Any date that is unavailable will be greyed out. You won't be able to click on those. 

8. Enter the client's name and contact information. If you want to, you can make a note about this appointment. Click Continue.

9. You will be prompted with a notice about your clinic Cancellation Policy. This is your clinic's cancellation policy that you set up in the appointment settings. If you haven't done it, learn how to do it here.

Click Accept to proceed. 

10. Enter the client's credit card details and click Continue.

When setting up appointment settings, you will be asked if you want reCAPTCHA on or off...
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