*You must be logged into an Admin's account to receive an Aesthetic Record Alert notification.

Aesthetic Record is great at keeping track of important details so you can focus on your clients. 

From time to time Aesthetic Record will post notifications for you as quick reminders of matters that need to be taken care of. These notifications are customizable to what is important to you - and they will appear on the top right of your screen under the “bell” icon.

To check your daily notifications:

  1. Log in to the app (Admin)
  2. Navigate to the Notifications (Bell) icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Click the Notification Icon

You will be notified here about the batch stock alerts, expirations etc.

You can Mark them as Read or Click on See All to perform any required actions.

If you click on the bell you will see all the notifications that are currently unread. 

You can click on each notification individually to dismiss it or click the Mark all as read button to dismiss multiple notifications.

You can see all of your notifications anytime after you've marked them as read by clicking the See All button. This will return you to your notifications dashboard which will list all past notifications in chronological order starting with the most recent message.

With each notification, you can see the notification type, a description, and the original date of the notification.

We think this system works much better than putting sticky notes all over your office - hopefully you will too!

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