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Lets begin with defining -- What is an EMR Software?

The Evolution of EMR Software:

From paper based to paperless:

With consistently increasing health consciousness among people and their demands for improved healthcare efficiency, patient information flowing to the right people at the right time has become extremely crucial. 

Health care organizations often do not have the appropriate systems to effectively store and manage such vast information in one place, and to survive in this era of cut-throat competition, they are welcoming advancing technologies with open arms and are evolving into integrated clinical workstations, to provide a single entry point to access all patient related information. The essence of this evolution lies in the reincarnation of medical records.

With the development of Med spa EMR (Electronic medical records) software, medical records have now become electronic, easily accessible, time-saving, secure and confidential in contrast to the cumbersome traditional paper-based record system. Paper-based record keeping associates with itself several inefficiencies and frustrations like:

  • Accuracy and Readability: Paper records may be difficult to read because of the physician’s indecipherable penmanship; also paper forms may not have the sufficient space to provide all the necessary information.
  • Labor intensive: Organizing and managing paper files requires more staff and is therefore more expensive.
  • Storage: Storage of such large number documents requires large separate warehouses which require additional space and may also tend to decay over-time in storage.
  • Security: Paper records may be lost or damaged due to human errors or as a result of any natural adversity like fire.

The evolved EMR system has eliminated all the above aberrations and has come up with a much safer and smarter way to manage all the medical records in a single place, accessible at your fingertips.

EMRs Today and Tomorrow:Today, EMRs have completely reshaped the healthcare industry by providing a digital way of managing patients’ complete medical history in one platform and providing easy access tothe patient and the provider. Not just the diagnosis and treatment notes, but medical spaEMR systemsallow you to store before and after images of the patient undergoing a procedure, leading to increasedpatient satisfaction.


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