Aesthetic Record uses an appointment calendar to display existing appointments. With this calendar, you can search for, filter and view any appointment.

1. How to Find An Existing Appointment 

Aesthetic Records provides you with a number of filters and display options to make finding a particular appointment easy and intuitive.

To find an appointment, follow these steps:

  • Log in your account, then navigate to Appointments at the top of your screen. Click on it.
  • Click on the Calendar tab. Here you will find the calendar with all of the booked appointments.

Each block on the calendar is an appointment. Inside of them, you can see the name of the patient who was booked. If there are more than one providers, their blocks will have different colors. 

Click on 1 -  to shuffle between days and weeks. Use the arrows to shuffle around.
Click on 2 - to select day view or week view
Click on 3 - to filter out data , based on clinics, Providers and services.

2. How To View Appointment Bookings

As mentioned above, you use the week/day toggles to change the calendar display. This setting allows you to get an overview of your clinic's appointments in a specific time period and gain an understanding of your current schedule and capacity.

Click on an individual appointment block on the calendar will bring up the appointment details. Here you can see:

Client - name of the client who is going to the appointment.

Date of booking - date of time when the appointment was booked on your system.

Booked by - name of the person who made the booking.

Email and phone - contact information of your client.

Appointment note - any note about the appointment, can be an inquiry, a request or detail about the appointment.

Clinic - name of the clinic where the appointment takes place.

Medical Provider - name of the provider who will handle the treatment.

Service - name of the service(s) that will be performed at the appointment.

Date and time - date and time of the appointment.

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