The standard Aesthetic Record plan comes with 2GB of data storage, 300 emails and 100 SMS per month.

If you reach these limits, it's possible to add more capacity to your plan. You can do so either by manually purchasing more email, SMS and data storage or using the Auto Refill Settings to keep your account constantly topped up.

First, let's head over to your user settings. 

Log in your Aesthetic Record administrator account on a desktop browser and navigate to the wheel icon at the top right corner. Click on it to access your Settings.

On your left is the Settings menu, click on Your Billing and select Subscription Details.

Manually Adding More Capacity

You can see your SMS, email, and data storage limit along with your usage in the current month under your Subscription Details. On the right are the Add More buttons.

Click on the appropriate Add More button and choose the number of email and SMS or the amount of data that you need from the drop-down menu. Then, click on Buy SMS/Email/Data to add them to your plan.  

Your account will be charged afterward and Aesthetic Record will update your account limit accordingly. 

Auto Refill Settings

At the very bottom, you will find your Auto Refill Settings. These settings allow you to automatically increase your capacity when your email/SMS/data goes below a certain threshold. 

By default, these options are toggled on to prevent any disruption to your clinic operation. If you want to turn them off, click on the toggle on the right.

As you click on the toggle, you will be prompted with a confirmation window. Click Yes to continue and turn them off.

You can also edit your refill settings as you see fit. 

The drop-down menus on the left specify the number of email/SMS or amount of data that you get each refill while the ones on the right are the thresholds where the refill kicks in.

Choose the refill settings that meet your business needs, then hit Save to update settings.

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