With Aesthetic Record, your medical service provider can conduct an audit on pending procedures before signing and sending them to your medical director.

Note: only users with Work As Provider turned on in their settings can use this feature. In addition to that, if you want to send a procedure to a medical director, your clinic must have a user set up as the Medical Director

You can learn more about user settings here.  

To sign off a procedure, follow these steps:

1. Log in your Aesthetic Account on a desktop browser. Navigate to Provider's Room at the top of your screen. Click on it. 

2. The list of pending procedures will show up under Chart Audit.

3. Search for the procedure using either the procedure or the client name.

4. Navigate to the procedure that you want to audit.

Here you will see the procedure name, the date that the procedure was added, the client name and 6 categories, each with either a check mark or an X mark.

A green check mark indicates that the data for that category has been collected and saved in Aesthetic Record's database while a red X mark means no data has been collected.

Pictures - Pictures refer to procedure pictures or pictures of your client's face after the procedure treatment.

Traceability - Location of injections that were injected to the client's face during the procedure.

Notes - Procedure description and note.

Consent - Consent refers to the client's consent. This checks whether a client has signed their consent for the procedure.

Questionnaire - Questionnaires that you prepared for your client to answer. This checks whether they have answered their questionnaire.

Payment Transaction - This checks whether the client has made any payment for this procedure.

5. Once you have reviewed the procedure, you can choose to sign and send the procedure to your Medical Director for approval, or mark it as consultation.

If all the categories are completed and checked, you will see the button Sign & Send under Action

If your data collection is incomplete, you will be presented with 2 options - either Incomplete Sign Anyway or Mark As Consult.

The Incomplete Sign Anyway option allows you to sign the procedure and send it off even when it's not complete. Click on it and you will be prompted with a confirmation window. Click Yes to continue.

You can also choose to mark the procedure as consultation with Mark As Consult.

In all three cases, after you click on them, the Sign to MD window will pop up asking for your signature. Input your signature and click Sign to send it to your director. In case you want to change your signature, use Clear and Reset.

6. After you have signed the procedure, it will be transferred to the Signed Procedures tab, waiting for your medical director to review.

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