After someone has been added to your client list, you can activate their Client Portal. 

On the Client Portal, your client can manage their appointment, complete questionnaires, sign consents and access any pre/post-treatment instruction associated with their treatment.

By default, the Client Portal is disabled so you have to turn it on manually. 

  1. Go to Appointments tab.
  2. Click on Smart Configuration
  3. Next choose Other Settings.
  4. Under Client Portal Access, you will need to click on ACTIVATE NOW to send Portal Activation email to all your clients in one go.

You will find the number of your current clients, active and inactive client portals on this new screen.

To activate all inactive portals, click on Activate Now under Client Portal Is Inactive

Note: Depending on the number of inactive portals, it may take Aesthetic Record a few hours to complete the activation. 

You will be prompted with a confirmation notice. Click Yes to confirm your activation.

When you activate the Client Portals, Aesthetic Record will send a notification email to inform those clients of their activation.

You can find the content of the notification email here under Client Portal Activation Email Content.

If you want to customize the client portal activation email, go ahead and make any edit to the Email Subject and Email Body here. 

Note: Please keep the {{Name}} and {{BUSINESSNAME}} intact - Aesthetic Record uses those fields to correctly automate your email notification.  

Once you're done, click on Save at the bottom of the screen.

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