In this article, you'll find information on how to:

A. Redeem a Session or Product

B. Redeem BD or Aspire Points

C. Redeem Dollar Credits

Important note: You can only redeem an item from the wallet via app.

Log in to your account via the AR app. Tap the bubble icon in the bottom right, then the magnifying glass icon above it. Type in the patient's name in the search box. Once you see the patient's name, hit it.

From the patient's timeline, look for the procedure and then hit TAKE PAYMENT at the bottom.

Or if you're already inside of the procedure, hit the credit card icon at the top.

You'll then be taken to the cart page. Check if all the products/services and discounts have been added to the cart. Once that's done, you can start redeeming an item from the patient's wallet.

A. Redeem a Session or Product via App

Once you're on the cart page, hit Wallet in the top right, then below, you'll see a list of the packages and/or products the patient prepurchased.

To redeem a session or a product, simply tap the name of the package or the product. Enter in the number of units or dollar value that you want to apply to the cart.

As soon as the session or product is redeemed, the total bill will change to 0. Hit the blue area in the bottom right and then tap Cash from the checkout page.


B. Redeem BD or Aspire Points via App

Important note: You can only apply BD or Aspire points to the cart/invoice prior to taking a payment from the patient.

Once you're on the cart page, hit Wallet in the top right and then Redeem. Select from either BD dollars or Aspire dollars and then add the points to the cart.


C. Redeem Dollar Credits via App

Important note: Unlike the products/packages and BD/Aspire points, which can be redeemed from the cart page, the dollar credits can be redeemed from the checkout page.

From the cart page, hit the blue area in the bottom right.

Once you're on the checkout page, choose AR WALLET as your payment method. Add in the amount that you want to redeem and hit Use. On this page, you can also see the total dollar credits the patient has in their wallet.


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