Create eGiftCard First

1. Login via web
2.Go to Inventory Tab
3. Navigate to eGift Cards tab
5. Fill in the details and Your Card is ready to be purchased at the checkout via iPhone or iPad 

How does the client buy an eGift Card?

  1. From the ipad, open the side menu (3 lines in corner)
  2. You will see a button "eGift Cards" right above the "Take Payment" button, Click on "eGift Cards"
  3. Choose, the client name who is buying the card reader, clinic it's being purchased at
  4. you have two options when sending any card: Send Instantly OR -Send on Future Date. Choose accordingly
    5. Upon buying, the client who buys gets the copy of the Invoice and the gift card receiver, gets an email having the the eGift Card with the redemption code

• How to redeem an eGiftCard?

  1. when any client comes in, with the eGiftCard, follow the norm and add products/services/etc to cart as usual.
  2. You will find "eGIFT CARD" button in the bottom-left corner of your cart.
  3. Enter the redemption code
  4. Client, having eGift card, can use whole eGift Card amount in one go or can use it over in multiple visits.
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