What is a procedure template?
A procedure template gives you the ability to create and customize a form that is used to track specific procedure details. 

For instance, you can create a "SOAP" note, a vital sign log, or IV therapies. 

It's also possible to create customized templates for health treatments. 

To Create Customized Procedure Template

1. Navigate to Settings->Manage Your Clinics->Procedure Templates-> Create Template

2. Give your template a Name, and start adding questions.

3. For Questions you can choose among different types

4. Hit Save when done

Now you are ready to use this template.

1. Open Client's profile and hit Create Procedure
2. Select your template and other details
3. Collect /Input the answers from the clients
4. At the end of Questions it will ask for Consultation Fee. Make sure to input the amount you wish to charge for the treatment.
5. Once completed, You will find this procedure listed under Client's Health Timeline
6. Click on Prescription to add, if any

7. To Charge, please use Ipad/iphone.
8. You can find the Invoice under Payment History of client.

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