When would I use the health-time or a procedure template that I have created?
The health time line can be used to track vital signs, weight loss, IV therapies, pretty much any  procedure template you create can be added into the health timeline. 

If you have not created the template, please create the custom template from web. More Info on below link:


To chart using Custom procedure template under any client's profile, follow below instructions:

1. Select Health Timeline and then Click on + in the top bar to add procedure

2. Select your template and other details
3. Collect /Input the answers from the clients
4. At the end of Questions it will ask for Consultation Fee. Make sure to input the amount you wish to charge for the treatment.
5. Once completed, You will find this procedure listed under Client's Health Timeline
6. You can add prescription, notes for the treatment.

7. Hit Take Payment to charge the client/patient
8. You can then find the Invoice under Invoice.

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