Aesthetic Record allows you to track and report a variety of vital information regarding your business performance; one of which is your payroll and commission report. 

With the commission report, you can see how much sale each of your service providers generated and the amount of commission they earned.

1. Configure the Commission Report Settings

To see your commission report, you need to configure your payroll and commission report settings first.

Start by logging in your Aesthetic Record administrator account and navigate to the wheel icon at the top right corner. Click on it to access your user Settings.

Then, navigate to your Settings menu on the left, click on Report Settings and select Payroll Commission Report.

Choose a report setting that suits you among the four and hit Save at the bottom of the screen to finish your set up.

Now, all that left is the provider commission rate.

2. Add the Provider's Commission Rate

Navigate back to the Settings menu on the left and click on Teammates, Users, and then choose a provider from the list of users.

Scroll down to the Work As Provider section and enter your clinic's commission rate. Then hit Save. Do the same for all of your providers.

Now that you are finished with the set up, let's head over to the commission report.

3. Export the Commission Report

At the top of the screen, click on Business Insights, Sales, and then Commission.


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