With Aesthetic Record, you can review your past appointments and any relevant information with the Booking History 

The Booking History allows you to find, filter and view past appointment bookings, the client and providers involved, the service that was booked, the clinic where the treatment took place and more.

To access these features, you need to visit your appointment calendar.

  • First, navigate to Appointments at the top of your screen. Click on it.
  • Under Appointments, click on Settings Wheel
  • From there click on Booking History

Booking History

Click on Booking History to bring up the Booking History page.

This is where you can get a detailed view of your appointment bookings. A booking appointment should look like this. 

It's possible to filter and sort your booking history to make the list shorter and more precise.

Clicking on number 1 in screenshot above: you will find a search box with a drop-down menu next to it. Here, you can specify the searching parameter for your search box with the drop-down menu. There are 4 parameter options. 

Customer - search for appointments associated with a customer.

Provider - search for appointments associated with a provider. 

Booked by - search for the appointments booked by a certain user.

All - search for appointments related to all of the above.

Clicking on 2 in screenshot above : The calendar is used to specify the period of booking history that you want to see. If you can't find an appropriate period, click on Custom and choose a starting and ending date that meet your requirements. The calendar on the left is for the starting date and the one on the right is for the ending date.
Once you have specified the parameter, click on the search box and type in the person you're looking, then press Enter.

Clicking on 3 in screenshot above : Besides the search box, you can also filter your history using the Filter By Actions filter and the calendar on the right.

The filter will shortlist your history based on the status of the appointments - booked, checked in, canceled, rescheduled or no show. You can learn more about Aesthetic Record's appointment system here.

Apply all the filters as you see fit to customize your booking history.

Here's a guide to help you access booking history.

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