Time is a precious resource, but it is especially important in the busy aesthetic industry. 

Long line of clients waiting for their appointment? 

Exhausted because of the tight schedule?

Work constantly piling up due to transaction delays?

At Aesthetic Record, we know how painful it is to have a bottleneck in your operation. If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you are in luck. 

In our latest update, we have implemented a new feature to help your medical service provider delegate some of their task to your clinic's front desk helper.

Now, after a provider has saved a client's invoice, the front desk clerk can assist them with the checkout. The client will no longer have to wait for your provider to finalize the sale, and the provider can move on to the next patient right after treatment is finished. 

That's less work for both your client and your provider - a win-win situation for everyone! 

Important Note: please make sure that you have configured a user as a front desk user in your administrator profile before using this feature. If you don't have a Front Desk User, learn how to add one here.

As A Provider

Make sure that you are logged in your Aesthetic Record Provider account. 

After you have finished adding products to your client's cart, tap on Options. Select the option Send To Front Desk Check Out.

The sale will be saved in Aesthetic Record's database and can be retrieved by your Front Desk User.

Note: The provider whose account is logged in will get credit for the sale, so make sure that your provider is logged in their account before adding the sale.

As A Front Desk User

First, make sure that you are logged in your Front Desk User account. 

In the main menu, you will see a new button - Front Desk Check Out - at the bottom. 

With this feature, you no longer have to search for pending invoices. Simply tap on this button, and the app will show you all invoices that are ready. 

Tap on an invoice to bring up the invoice window. If you need to update any invoice, you can also do it here. 

Select the appropriate invoice for your client, and proceed with the checkout.  

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