Please make sure that you have configured a user as a front desk user in your administrator profile before using this feature. If you don't have a Front Desk User, learn how to add one here.

In this article, you can learn how to:

A. Create the Invoice and Send it to the Frontdesk User (as a Provider)

B. Check Out the Patient via App or Web (as a Frontdesk User)

C. Unmark an Invoice as Frontdesk Checkout

A. Create the Invoice and Send it to the Frontdesk User (as a Provider)

Important note: The invoice can only be generated via app.

Log in to your provider account via the AR app. Once you're on the cart page (screenshot below) and have added all the services/products to the cart, swipe up the white bar at the bottom.

Tap OPTION in the bottom left and then hit Mark Frontdesk Checkout. Once that's done, the front desk user can retrieve that invoice.

Important note: The provider whose account is logged in will get credit for the sale.


B. Check Out the Patient via App or Web (as a Frontdesk User)

The Frontdesk user has an option to check out the patient either via app (manual entry or swiped transaction) or via web (manual entry only).

Check Out a Patient via App

Log in to your front desk account via the AR app. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top left and the hit Frontdesk Checkout below. Tap on an invoice to bring up the invoice window and then charge the patient.

Important note: The Frontdesk Checkout button shown in the screenshot below will only show up for Frontdesk users. If your user role is Admin, Provider, or Medical Director, you won't be able to see this.

Check Out a Patient via Web

Log in to your account via

Click on Sales > Virtual Terminal. If you don't see Virtual Terminal, you'll need to have your Head Admin update your user privileges and check the Virtual Terminal box for you. Once the update is done, log out and log back in for the change to take effect.

From the Virtual Terminal page, this is where you can see the invoices that were marked as frontdesk checkout by the provider via the app. Look for the invoice and then click on Checkout on the right.

Important note: Only invoices that are marked frontdesk checkout will show up in Virtual Terminal. Additionally, you can't use the card reader if you check out a patient via the computer.


C. Unmark an Invoice as Frontdesk Checkout

Log in via app. Tap the bubble icon in the bottom right and then the magnifying glass icon above it. Search for the patient's profile and once it shows up, tap it. Hit the 3 Dots in the top right.

On the next page, hit the 3 Dots again in the top right. Select Saved Invoices and tap the invoice.

You'll be taken to the cart page. Swipe up the white bar at the bottom and then hit OPTIONS in the bottom left. Tap on Check Front Desk Checkout. Doing this will remove the invoice from the Virtual Terminal.


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