With Aesthetic Record, you can apply a customized discount on an entire cart during the checkout step. The custom discount will be applied to all the products in the cart, bypassing any discount that you set up. 

To apply a custom discount, follow these steps:

1. Log in your Aesthetic Record account.

2. In the procedure window, tap on Take Payment.

3. At the top of your screen, select the Discounts tab, then tap on the Go Custom button.  

4. The Add Custom Discount window will pop up. Select the discount type - either $ for a fixed discount amount or % for a percentage discount.

5. Enter the discount and add a note about the custom discount under Discount Note - this can be a reason or explanation for the custom discount.

6. Tap Add to add the discount, then close the Add Custom Discount window.

7. Tap on the Checkout button at the bottom-right to finish the transaction.

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