1. Make sure that the serial number is attached under the POS tab, do so by going to settings, POS, pos settings, card readers 
  2. Turn the reader on
  3. Get your ipad or iphone and connect the device in bluetooth settings
  4. Open the AR app on your ipad or iphone
  5. Go to the checkout screen via ipad, and take a payment. 
  6. At the checkout, choose the payment method as CARD and hit swipe card 
  7. The app may ask if you want to allow location services, hit yes or allow.
  8. Next the app will load for a bit, that is normal, it will prompt you to insert a CC into the reader, please do so and finish the transaction.
  9. You're done now! 

Trouble Shooting 

First, we highly recommend designating 1 iPad and 1 card reader to work together. You can put unique stickers on each device, so that you know which card reader works best with which device.
In the event that you were unable to connect your reader on the first try, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the AR app from your ipad
  2. Grab a paperclip or small pointy item, then factory reset the card reader, by entering the paperclip into the tiny hole on the edge of the reader.
  3. Hold it down for 5 seconds
  4. Then turn the card reader on, it should be blinking blue. 
  5. Go back to your ipad, re-download AR 
  6. Login with your AR credentials
  7. Go to the checkout screen, choose card, swipe and then hit charge
  8. Next the app will ask if you want to allow location services allow this!!! 
  9. The card reader will connect at this point and ask you to enter in the CC for payment 
  10. Payment complete! 


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