With a survey, you can gauge your client's overall happiness with your service, provider, and clinic, and see how likely they are to recommend and use your services again by capturing your Net Promoter Score.Β 

You can review your survey stats in the survey insights section and gain a better understanding of your client satisfaction.

A. Create a Survey

1. Add a Survey Questionnaire

Log in to your account via https://app.aestheticrecord.com/login. Click on Settings, Surveys, and then Create Survey.

Name your survey first, type in a question, and then on the left where it says "textbox," click on that to select the type of answers you want to use for each question.

Textbox: The client can type in their answer (explanation).

Yes/No: The client will be given a choice between Yes and No.

Single Choice: The client is asked to highlight one choice among many.

Multiple Choice: The client is asked to highlight any choice that is applicable.

Opinion Scale: The client is asked to rate on a scale from 1 - not likely to 5 - very likely.

File Upload: The client is asked to upload a file.

You can add a note to your question by toggling Description on. This description can further explain and clarify your question.

If you want to clone your question, click on the two overlapping file icon on the left. If you want to delete your question, click on Delete on the right.

On the top right corner, click on the Add Question button to add more questions to your survey. Continue adding questions until you are satisfied.

Review your survey using the preview section on the right of your screen. Click on Full Screen View to preview your survey in full screen.

Once you're happy with your survey, click on Save.

2. Attach a Survey to a Service

After creating your survey, you can tie it to a service by clicking on Appointments, Gear Icon (next to Clinic View), Smart Configuration, Services, click on the service, and then 2. Clinical resources. Scroll down to attach the survey and then hit Continue. By doing so, each time that service is booked, the survey will be sent automatically to your client via email and SMS.


B. View, Edit, Unpublish, or Delete a Survey

Should you wish to review and edit your existing surveys, log in to your account via https://app.aestheticrecord.com/login. Click on Settings, Surveys, and then click on the survey you want to view, edit, unpublish, or delete.

If you want to disable but not completely delete the survey, click on Unpublish. If you want to delete the survey, click on Delete.

After youβ€˜re finished with your edits, click on Save.


C. Export an NPS Report

In order to pull an NPS report, log in to your account via https://app.aestheticrecord.com/login. Click on Business Insights, NPS, Create report, select the report type that you want to pull, and then Continue.

Select the last one if you want to view the survey results.


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