With Aesthetic Record, you can access a client's payment history to review their invoices and cancellation charges.

A. Review the Payment History via Web

Log in to your account via https://app.aestheticrecord.com/login. Click on Patients, enter in the patient's name in the search box, click on their profile, More Info, and then Payment History.

The next page will show you a list of the Invoices generated for the patient as well as the patient's Cancellation Charges. It will also show you the Total sale relationship amount.

On this same page, you can see the invoice number, the name of the procedure the invoice is attached to, the procedure date, the total amount the patient is billed for, the payment status of the invoice, and the date the client is charged.

To view an invoice, just click on an invoice number. This page will show you more details about the patient and the services and/or products they paid for.

At the bottom of the page, you can see the following tabs: Void, Payment History, Issue Refund, and More Info.

Void: When you void an invoice, you'll have the option to Refund Full & Void, Void Without Refund, and Void And Send To Wallet.

Payment History: This shows you the payment mode, the date of payment, and the payment amount of the invoice along with any associated refund.

Issue Refund: You can issue a full or partial refund to your client if the invoice has been paid. More information on this are provided below. 

More Info: You can download, email, or print your invoice here. 

Issue a Full or Partial Refund via Web

To issue a full refund, click on Full Refund, select the payment, add the reason, choose whether to send the amount to the source or the patient's wallet, and hit Issue Refund.

To issue a partial refund, click on Partial Refund.

Under SELECT PAYMENT, choose the payment you want the amount you'll partially refund to be pulled from and add the reason.

Under REFUND CC/CASH, add the amount you want to be taken from the selected payment above (not the CC info). Choose whether to send the amount to the source or the patient's wallet, and hit Issue Refund.

Change the Provider Assigned to a Service and/or Product on an Invoice via Web

Important note: The invoice can only be updated within seven days from the date the invoice was generated.

Click on the invoice and the box that shows the provider's name. Then select the provider you want to assign to the service and/or product.


B. Review the Payment History via App

Important note: Invoices can neither be refunded nor voided via app.

Log in to your account via the AR app. Tap the bubble icon in the lower right hand corner, then the magnifying glass icon. Type in the patient's name in the search box. Tap the profile, the three dots in the upper right hand corner, and then Past invoices.

The next page will show you Invoices - where the invoices already generated for the patient are found. If you tap the 3 Dots in the top right, you'll see two other options: Saved Invoices - where draft invoices can be found and Cancellation Charges - where you'll see the patient's cancellation charges.

To view an invoice, tap one on the list, and then View Receipt. You can either Send Receipt to your patient or Print it.


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