With Aesthetic Record, it's important, for security purposes, that you identify each individual user in the system. Having all your users set up allows you to track their behaviors, customize their access to the application, and control their privileges.

In this article, you can find instructions on how to:

A. Add a User Profile (for new employees)

B. Edit a User Profile (for existing employees)

C. Inactivate a User Profile (for employees that left the company)

D. Activate an Inactive User Profile

A. Add a User Profile

Before you add a user profile for a new user, ask them first if they already have a profile with another practice that uses Aesthetic Record. If they say yes and want to use the same email address for your practice, please click here for instructions. If they say yes but want to use another email address or if they say no, follow the steps below.

To add a user profile, log in to your account via https://app.aestheticrecord.com/login. Click on Settings > Teammates > Users > Create User. Please note that you'll get charged (check your plan for the amount) if you add a new user. 

Dashboard Access: The dashboard is the main page of your clinic on Aesthetic Record. A user with access to the dashboard can view important metrics about your clinic such as sales figures and procedure details.

Select Role: A user role defines what privileges a user has. By default, there are four types of user roles that you can assign including Admin, Medical Director, Provider, and Front Desk clerks.

***Administrator: An administrator has the highest power and the most privileges at your clinic.

***Medical Director (MD): An MD manages the service providers and have most of the privileges at your clinic.

***Providers: Providers provide treatments and services to your patients. They have access to most of your medical records but no administrative privileges.

***Front Desk Clerk: The clerks help with the check-ins and checkouts process. They have the least privileges at your clinic.

Select Clinic(s): Select a clinic or clinics that this user will have access to.

Select Default Clinic: By choosing a default clinic, you are telling Aesthetic Record which location to show up first when that user logs in. This is usually the clinic the user spends the most time with.

User Information: Add the user's First Name, Last Name, and the email address they use to log into Aesthetic Record. This allows them to receive notifications from AR. 

Fill in the contact numbers of your user; SMS alerts and notifications from Aesthetic Record will be sent here. You can put in as many as four contact numbers.

Password: As an administrator, you can set a password for your user. For security purposes, on mobile devices, the user will have to log in using their email and password every 24 hours. 

Passcode: The passcode is used to quickly log in your Aesthetic Record account on the app. Once you’ve logged in to your device with your password at least once, you can use your passcode to log in on the app every time it times out. Click on Generate Passcode to generate and apply a new passcode.

Appointment Color: You can assign a color to a provider so they can easily see their appointments on the calendar.

Work as Provider: Toggle this on if this user is a medical service provider. This option allows the user to create and edit patient records, such as new procedures, photographs, and medical information.

This toggle also requires you to provide more information.

MD Consent Required: Choose "Yes" if this provider needs to acquire a Medical Director's consent before proceeding with a treatment procedure. 

Is available in Smart Booking for Customers: If this is turned on, this provider will be available on the AR online booking portal. 

Provider Goals: Enter the number of procedures you want the provider to perform per month or per week, along with the dollar amount in sales you would like them to reach. Aesthetic Record will track in real time how close they are to meeting these goals.

Bio For Appointment Booking: It's a short description about the provider that your patients see on the online booking portal. Enter their Display Name, their Title (such as “Master Aesthetician”) and a brief bio to inform your patients about this provider's specialization. 

Receive Patient check-in notifications SMS & Email: If this box is checked, the provider gets a notification via SMS and email as soon as the patient they're about to see has been checked-in.

After adding all those information and setting everything up, hit Save. The profile will then show up under Active tab.


B. Edit a User Profile

To edit a user profile, log in to your account via https://app.aestheticrecord.com/login. Click on Settings > Teammates > Users > Active, select the name of the user, and then Edit.

After editing the profile, hit Save.


C. Inactivate a User Profile

To inactivate a user profile, log in to your account via https://app.aestheticrecord.com/login. Click on Settings > Teammates > Users > Active > select the name of the user, and then Edit.

Scroll down until you see Inactivate, click on it. The profile will then show up under Inactive tab.

Once a user profile is inactivated, you'll no longer be charged for it on your next billing date.


D. Activate an Inactive User Profile

To activate a user profile, log in to your account via https://app.aestheticrecord.com/login. Click on Settings > Teammates > Users > Inactive > select the name of the user, and then Activate.

Once a user profile is activated, you'll be charged upfront if you're on a yearly plan, or on your next billing date if you're on a monthly plan.


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