Log in to your account via https://app.aestheticrecord.com/login.

To update the privileges of a user on your account, click on Settings, Teammates, and Users (not User Controls).

Look for the user's profile and hit Edit on the right.

Then on the next page, hit Manage Privileges at the top.

Important note: Once the box(es) is/are checked and the Save button is hit, please ask the user to log out and log back in so the change will take effect.

With Aesthetic Record, you can categorize your users into 4 major roles:

  • The Administrator - an administrator has the highest power and the most privileges at your clinic
  • The Medical Director (MD) - an MD manages the service providers and have most of the privileges at your clinic.
  • The Providers  - providers provide treatments and services to your clients. They have access to most of your medical records but no administrative privileges. 
  • The Front Desk Clerk - the clerks help with the check-ins and checkouts process. They have the least privileges at your clinic.

When you add a new user to your clinic profile, you can specify that user's role. You can always go back to your user list and edit the user role should you want to grant them more or fewer privileges.

You can learn how to add a new user here, and how to edit existing user here

On the User Profile window, you can find the Manage Privileges button. By clicking on this button, you can adjust the privileges of that particular user. This allows you to change privileges on an individual level. 

If you want to adjust the privileges of an entire user role, you will have to go to the User Role settings. 

First, log in your Aesthetic Record administrator account and navigate to the top right corner. Click on the wheel icon here to access your user settings.

Navigate to the Settings menu on your left, select Teammates and click on User Role

A new window will pop up, showing a list of your user roles and the privileges they have. 

By default, Aesthetic Record has already set privileges for all user roles.

Under Edit Privileges, choose a user role that you want to change. Then, tick/untick a checkbox to allow/deny a particular privilege.

For example, let's say you want to give all your providers access to Appointment Settings so they can change the clinic's notification messages on the fly.

You will select the Provider role from the menu on the left, then navigate to Appointments and tick on the checkbox in front of Appointment Settings.

By doing so, your providers can now access the clinic's appointment settings.

Make all the edit you want here, then click Save at the bottom of the screen to update your clinic role privileges.


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