Add a Clinic to a User Profile

Attach a Clinic to a Provider's Profile

Add a Clinic to a User Profile
Specify the clinic(s) where your users work

It is important that you specify where your users work, especially if you have multiple clinics. 
Aesthetic Record depends on this setting to work out the user's schedule.

To specify the clinic(s) where your user works, please follow these steps.

1. Log in your Aesthetic Record administrator account on a desktop web browser. Navigate to the top right corner and click on the wheel icon to access your user settings.

2. On your left, you will find the Settings menu. Select Teammates and click on Users. A list of users will appear on the screen.

3. Find the user that you want to edit and click Edit on the far right next to their name.

4. Once inside their Edit User profile, you will find Select Clinic(S) at the top right. Click on the drop-down menu and select the clinic(s) where your users work.

5. Scroll to the very bottom and click Save to update the user profile.


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