Add an Out-of-Office Event or Lunch Break

Add, Edit, and Delete an Out-Of-Office Event

If, for instance, a provider is open on a specific day from 9AM-9PM (as added in Smart Configuration > Providers) but they need to be unavailable from 12PM-1PM to attend a meeting, an out-of-office event can simply be created for them. Doing this prevents patients from booking the provider for a 12

Important note: Out-of-office events can only be added and viewed via the website.

In this article, you'll learn how to:
A. Add an out-of-office event (eg. lunch, meeting, training, holiday, etc.)
B. Edit an out-of-office event
C. Delete an out-of-office event

A. Add an Out-Of-Office Event

Go to the appointments tab via control center.

Click "create".

Choose "out of office".

Enter the date, time and name of the event.

Choose the providers, and then choose the frequency.

Hit Save

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