Add, Edit, or Move Injection Markings

Add, Edit, or Move Injection Markings / Add Products to a Procedure

Login to the AR app to manage injection points.


  1. Click the + SELECT PRODUCT/PACKAGE button on the left side 
  2. Choose a product
  3. Double-tap on the patient’s photo
  4. Repeat for more sites 


  1. Single tap with one finger on the desired injection
  2. Press (-) to decrease the dose or (+) to increase the dose in the injection point


  1. Single tap with one finger on the desired injection
  2. Hold your finger on the injection (you will see a green circle appear around the dot) and drag it wherever you want.


  1. Single tap with one finger on the desired injection
  2. Press the circle with an arrow on the bottom right-hand side of the screen next to the trash can 
  3. Move the needle clockwise or counterclockwise to your desired orientation

Select All Injections 

  1. Hold one finger in a free area on the patient’s face
  2. Move your finger diagonally 
  3. a square will appear around your desired injections
  4. You can edit all injections within that square
  5. You can use the + or - to change the amount injected 
  6. You can change the direction of the selected injections with your orientation tool

Undo or Redo

  1. Press the arrow on the bottom left of the page to undo
  2. Press the arrow that points to the right on the bottom left to redo 

Click on an injection and click on the trash can at the bottom.


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