Add in Your Suppliers and Purchase Orders

Add in Your Suppliers and Purchase Orders

  1. Click on your Inventory Tab
  2. Orders
  3. Suppliers
  4. Add New Supplier
  5. Fill out the relevant information for your account
  6. Save

Purchase Orders:

  1. Click on your Inventory Tab
  2. Orders
  3. Purchase Orders
  4. Add Purchase Order
  5. Use the drop downs to start your order.
  6. Use the note section to add any additional information needed to your order
  7. Click on ADD each time you would like to add an item to the order
  8. Save

Receiving Purchase Orders

  1. Follow the same sequence of Inventory> Orders> Purchase Orders
  2. Click on view details of the shipment that you received
  3. Under Actions, receive the items you received in. If an item on on back stock, only input the specific amount of units
  4. By receiving these Items they will Automatically load into your Stock.

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