Patient Referral Sources & Referral Report

Patient Referral Sources & Referral Report

Add Patient Referral Sources

  • Click on the Settings wheel then go to Report Settings > Patient Referral Sources
  • Once inside, you'll find a list of pre-activated referral sources. You can click "Deactivate" to turn the sources off or click "Activate" to turn them back on. Use the edit and delete action buttons to change a referral sources name or delete it all together. 
  • If you'd like to add a new source, click Add New and create it
  • Please note, this feature is a User Permission. It’s available by default to all Practice Admins but can be added to others by clicking "Manage Permissions" in their user profile. .

Add Subcategories to Referral Sources

o   For your Active referral sources, you can drill down further by creating subcategories. Find the appropriate source, then click Manage Subcategories.

o   You can add the name of your particular campaign or special. You can also set a date to that it will automatically deactivate as needed.

Add Referral Sources to the Patient’s Profile

o   When adding a new Patient manually to AR, you can add the Referral Source as you are creating the patient. Under Referral Source, find the one that matches most closely. Once you’ve selected one, you can add a subcategory by clicking the Subcategories dropdown.

o   When adding a Referral source to an existing Patient profile, go to the Patient’s timeline Make sure they are assigned to a clinic, and click Edit button, Within the profile, you can add the Referral Source & any subsequent subcategories.

Create Referral Sources Reports

o   To use this feature, you must be on an Accelerator Plan. Go to Business Insights > Patients > Patient Referral Report, select your time domain, and hit okay.

o   The pie chart provides you with a graphical representation of the number of referrals for that time period.

o   The chart below the graph starts off showing all referral types. As you isolate a referral type by clicking on it, the table will filter to show only the leads from that service.

o   You can drill down on any subcategory by clicking the down arrow on the main category.